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Most people think of acting as lying, or that it's the thing people do when they pretend to be other people. However, I find that acting is where I can truly be myself. There is nothing more honest than acting. It's a journey of self-discovery where I get the opportunity to dig deep and explore who I really am through each new character I am challenged by. 




Collaboration is the heart of everything.  I truly believe that working together and building a community of artists who are committed, willing to take risks and willing to learn from each other is the best way of achieving artistic excellence.  That is why I Co-founded BraZA Productions and the Blue Draft Screenwriting Contest.

  • Brazilian born and raised. American Citizen.

  • Have been in over 200 episodes of Primetime Television in Brazil. 

  • Graduated from the New School for Drama M.F.A. Acting Program.

  • Fluent Portuguese, Spanish, and some Italian. 

  • Absolutely love soccer. A huge fan of São Paulo Futebol Clube.   “Vai Tricolor!”






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